Interesting Facts

Morgan County wasn't settled until 1855, eight years after the first pioneers arrived in Salt Lake Valley. The valley remained pristine because of its inaccessibility. Three gorges prohibited easy access to the fertile valley; Narrows at Devil's Slide area (upper Weber Canyon), the gorge at present site of East Canyon Dam, and the gorge at Devil's Gate (Weber Canyon).

The settlement of Morgan County is somewhat unique from other counties in Utah. This is attributed to the fact that the first settlers were not sent by Brigham Young. Thomas Jefferson Thurston recruited the help of friends to help carve a passable wagon road through Devil's Gate, Weber Canyon. After completing the road they came into the valley to settle. Later settlers were encouraged by Brigham Young to settle in Morgan.

Within its boundaries Morgan County has one of the few pristine sections of the Pioneer Trail in Utah. This 4.2-mile section is located near Mormon Flat in the southern end of Morgan County.

Only California and Utah can lay claim to having the only pristine sections of the Pony Express trail in their states. Morgan County has one of these areas of the trail.

Morgan is the home of the 1000-mile Tree. Designating 1000 miles of track laid from Omaha, Nebraska by the Union Pacific Railroad.

Morgan City was the first incorporated city the Transcontinental Railroad passed through when it was being constructed.
Morgan provides what we refer to as the "GATEWAY TO THE WEST." With the construction of the railroad through Morgan and Weber Canyon a better road was also constructed. This opened a main route for travel to the West. Besides a transportation route Weber Canyon has also provided a corridor for communication lines, power lines, and oil lines which provide much needed services to the Wasatch Front.

Morgan was an agricultural county. However, today there are few families who depend completely on agriculture for their survival. There are many who farm, but most have a second job to help support their families. As so many other rural areas of the state we are loosing much of our valuable farm acreage to development.

Dr. Frederick S. Kohler established the first medical college in Utah at Morgan City in 1880.


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